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How Do the Richest 1% Avoid Federal Taxes?

The last blog post was titled; Are you a member of the top 1% club? This blog post answers the question; if you are one of the lucky 1%, how do you avoid paying federal income taxes? Though it would be advisable for the most fortunate of us to visit [...]

Are You a Member of the Top 1% Club?

Discussions about income inequality, taxation and economics often center around the “top 1%” vs. the remaining 99%. Are you a member of the 1% Club? And what does it take to get into the Club? And is membership based on what you make in [...]

Is the U.S. Trade Imbalance a Bad Thing?

Does Trade Between Countries Have to Balance? Since the Presidential election, there has been a lot of talk about trade. Does a trade trade imbalance between two countries really matter? And is it a good or bad thing? The trade of goods and services [...]

Top 5 Economic Fallacies and Delusions

Though this post was published over a year ago, it still is worth repeating – as nothing has changed! Since most people are somewhat uneducated on economic and monetary matters, there exists certain economic fallacies and delusions that [...]

2015 Economic Predictions, Right or Wrong?

Now that the end of the year almost upon us, let’s take a look at the accuracy of the Amateur Economists predictions for 2015. The 2015 predictions were made in January 2015 and can be found here. Prediction: – Extreme volatility in the [...]

Is the Stock Market Higher Because of Truth or Fiction?

The U.S. stock market has risen a great deal since the low in 2008-2009. By most accounts, the market has more than tripled and now stands at historical highs. What has caused this massive increase in stock prices? Rising corporate profits and a [...]
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