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The Amateur Economist blog and website is designed and written by Danny Evatt of Austin, Texas.

Danny is a partner, owner of The RealFX Group, a real estate brokerage with offices in Washington State and Texas.  Danny is also a REALTOR®, and has the National REALTOR designations of CRS, ABR, ASP and SRES. In 2014, he was named a “Top REALTOR in Washington State” by Trulia.

Additionally, Danny co-owns and operates the real estate centric company; Hypewired, an Internet company specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for real estate agents in the United States and Canada. Hypewired is based in Bee Cave, Texas.

Danny is also involved Taekwondo and has an interest in genealogy – wiring a history of the Evatt Family, currently on sale on Amazon.

About The Amateur Economist Team (30 Articles)
Since Danny started working at the age of 15, his life has always been about business and economics. Before graduating from Texas A&M with a BBA in accounting, Danny took several classes in economics and statistical analysis - which whetted his interest in the "hows" and "whys" of economic ideas and theories into adulthood. And while in college watching "Free to Choose", by the Nobel Prize winning Economist Milton Friedman, Danny's interest in supply-side economics, and the theories of the economists Hayek and Keynes grew as well. Though somewhat satirical and tongue-in-cheek at times, the ideas expressed on The Amateur Economist website and blog reflect a deep and experienced understanding of business economics. Though not deeply educated in the varied equations and mathematical models of economics, some have the ability to see through the fog and excess verbiage of economics to see and speak truth. This is such a website.