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U.S. and World Economy and Economic Predictions

Is the U.S. Trade Imbalance a Bad Thing?

Does Trade Between Countries Have to Balance? Since the Presidential election, there has been a lot of talk about trade. Does a trade trade imbalance between two countries really matter? And is it a good or bad thing? The trade of goods and services [...]

2015 Economic Predictions, Right or Wrong?

Now that the end of the year almost upon us, let’s take a look at the accuracy of the Amateur Economists predictions for 2015. The 2015 predictions were made in January 2015 and can be found here. Prediction: – Extreme volatility in the [...]

Are Negative Interest Rates in Our Future?

Recent economic indicators from the U.S. show a weak jobs report in September 2015, with industrial production down and a weakening world economy for U.S. exports. These indicators begin to raise the question; will the U.S. enter a recession in late [...]

What Are the Effects of an Interest Rate Increase?

The Federal Reserve may or may not soon raise interest rates. What are the effects of a Federal Reserve interest rate increase? Though by all means not completely correct all of the time, the chart below gives a very general idea of what might [...]

Is an Economic Black Swan about to Land?

Today’s economic news is a mixed bag, so is an economic Black Swan about to land that will cause more uncertainty and instability? To non-economic readers,  a “Black Swan” event is a large, unfortunate event that is completely [...]

Is Investing in China a Safe Bet?

There is a very old and popular proverb in China called; Sai-weng-shi-ma, which roughly means, ‘A Blessing in Disguise”.  However, as in all things Chinese, it can also mean the opposite – a blessing or good thing is not always as [...]

U.S. Economy Weakening, though Population is Increasing

Recent surveys, sales and production indicators and economic pointers continue to point to a slow, weak and/or contracting U.S. economy. Previous posts here, here and here, all predicted this unfolding situation. Initial 2015 GDP predictions by the [...]
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