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Are Negative Interest Rates in Our Future?

Recent economic indicators from the U.S. show a weak jobs report in September 2015, with industrial production down and a weakening world economy for U.S. exports. These indicators begin to raise the question; will the U.S. enter a recession in late [...]

September Jobs Created Not Enough for Population Growth

The September 2015 U.S. jobs report was released this morning. The report shows 142,000 jobs were created with an unemployment rate of 5.1%  The prior month’s jobs data was also revised downward. In reporting the monthly jobs report, the news [...]

What Are the Effects of an Interest Rate Increase?

The Federal Reserve may or may not soon raise interest rates. What are the effects of a Federal Reserve interest rate increase? Though by all means not completely correct all of the time, the chart below gives a very general idea of what might [...]

Is an Economic Black Swan about to Land?

Today’s economic news is a mixed bag, so is an economic Black Swan about to land that will cause more uncertainty and instability? To non-economic readers,  a “Black Swan” event is a large, unfortunate event that is completely [...]

Is Investing in China a Safe Bet?

There is a very old and popular proverb in China called; Sai-weng-shi-ma, which roughly means, ‘A Blessing in Disguise”.  However, as in all things Chinese, it can also mean the opposite – a blessing or good thing is not always as [...]

Hidden Inflation: the Economics of Toilet Paper

Whether we like it or not, we are all either a victim or benefactor of economics. Since we all buy things, we are subject to the economics of price and product inflation, or in some cases, deflation. Various products we purchase, including toilet [...]

U.S. Economy Weakening, though Population is Increasing

Recent surveys, sales and production indicators and economic pointers continue to point to a slow, weak and/or contracting U.S. economy. Previous posts here, here and here, all predicted this unfolding situation. Initial 2015 GDP predictions by the [...]
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