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Is the U.S. Stock Market Going to Crash?

Other than politics and sports, nothing is more predicted or discussed than the stock market. Will it go up or will it go down? And if does go down when will it go back up? All questions that economists, pundits and investors ask and attempt to [...]

U.S. Recession in late 2015 or 2016?

As we continue to move into 2015, several economists are now joining with the Amateur Economist that an economic slowdown might be in store for the U.S. in late 2015 and 2016. Previous posts on this blog, here, here and here, have highlighted why [...]

Does Debt Act as a Brake on Economic Growth?

Most Americans know what debt is, how to get into debt (easy) and how to get out of debt (hard.) And most would agree with the general statement that debt does indeed act as a brake or as least decelerate on someones economic growth and well-being. [...]

Germany’s Secret Euro Problem

Before the creation of the common European currency, the “Euro”, on January 1, 2000, every European country had their own unique currency and monetary policies. Germany had the “Deutschmarks”, France the “Franc” [...]

Are Economists Bias to Only Good News?

As average Americans go about their daily lives, they see and hear economic reports, opinions and news from a variety of sources – many from professional Economists. Are these Economists completely free from all types of all bias? Or do [...]

Why 2015 U.S. GDP Growth will be Lower than Expected

Though not the only measure of a nation’s economy, the measurement of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is usually the benchmark used for most financial and economic reporting. Put simply, GDP is the sum of four things; consumer spending, [...]

Swiss Franc Freedom & Why it Matters to Americans

A few days ago it was briefly mentioned on American news, that the Swiss had surprised the business world by de-linking their currency from the Euro. Upon hearing this, most average Americans would say, “so what?”, and go about their [...]
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