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Historical Price of Gold vs. the Price of a Man’s Suit

Historical Price of Gold There is an adage in economic circles that a one ounce gold piece could always buy a good mans suit. This Amateur Economist wanted to try this theory on for size and test its validity. To begin, we needed a starting point in [...]

Why December 2014 Payroll Numbers are Disappointing

December 2014 Payroll Numbers The December 2014 unemployment numbers were released this morning and contained a mixed bag – much like your Halloween trick-or-treat bag after you dumped on on your bedroom floor. Chart from the U.S. Bureau of [...]

Economic Predictions for 2015

Many economists, some politicians but not many psychics, will make Economic Predictions for 2015. Being a brave sort, here are some economic predictions for 2015: – Extreme volatility in the stock market. Expect a day or two of down day of at [...]

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis 2015 Outlook

Who says Economists are afraid of the camera or public speaking? The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis economists Toby Madden and Rob Grunewald make a video to give their 2015 economic outlook for the Ninth Federal Reserve District of the United [...]

The Federal Reserve Movie

If you have ever watched the series, “Game of Thrones” on HBO, you already know everything you should about the Federal Reserve System. If you are not familiar with the television series, it centers around a group of clans or families [...]

California Chicken Cage and Egg Law

Many of you have no doubt heard of the goings on in the great state of California about chickens and their (hens at least on most days) by-product, eggs; the California Chicken Cage and Egg law. Back in 2008, by a 63% majority, Californians passed [...]

Lower Gasoline and Oil Price Effects on America

As I pulled up to the gas pump the other day, I nearly dropped my pants (which actually would have been a sad sight to behold) as I noticed gasoline prices had dropped a whole $.40 cents since my last fill-up! Wow! As I was calculating my savings [...]
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