The Federal Reserve Movie

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If you have ever watched the series, “Game of Thrones” on HBO, you already know everything you should about the Federal Reserve System. If you are not familiar with the television series, it centers around a group of clans or families all vying to control and rule the Kingdom of Westeros. Problem is, the Kingdom is so far-flung, with completely different regions and people’s, that the “King”, may think he controls Westeros, but in reality, he doesn’t.

Though books, opinions and long boring lectures have tried to describe the Federal Reserve and what it does, you should get some popcorn, pull up a chair and watch this lovely woman explain the Federal Reserve by watching the video below – a Federal Reserve Movie. Though the National Geographic video is three hours long, it is free (I bought your ticket) and is quite informative – and at times both amusing and sexually provocative. After watching it, you will know more about the Federal Reserve than most of the politicians you don’t vote for and many Economists.

Some Federal Reserve Economists do, however, try and explain to the public what they think and believe. Though not much like pretty woman in the video above, they are interesting to watch here.