The Amateur economist

The Amateur Economist

What is economics? Great question! And one that means different things to different people. In the most simple terms, economics is the study of money, finance and people.

Most of the writing and research of the economic articles comes from myself, unless I accidentally forget to attribute something to someone – a complete mistake on my part, usually. Occasionally, others may give thoughts and ideas – if they are brave enough. And don’t forget, amateur is also incorrectly spelled amature and amatuer. So you could say that this website and blog are also the The Amature Economist blog as well as The Amatuer Economist website and blog as well.

Economics and the Economy

This blog and website works to make economics understandable and as simple as possible to both common and uncommon people. Blog posts related to unemployment data, current oil prices,  the price of eggs in California are but just a few. Blog posts center around employment, money, inflation and deflation issues. As readers understand, despite what they might have been taught, economics is not a hard science.

Pure, hard science is placing water in a freezer knowing it will freeze or having confidence that the sun will set in the East. Economics is like a circus under a big-top tent. Though the slightly ego-centric ring-master may believe everything is under control, it’s really not. The horses circling the ring could bolt out the door, the elephant could suddenly relieve himself or the clown could slip off the rolling ball. Though Economists desperately want order, equations and predictability, they often can’t predict or explain better than, well, someone who is not educated in Economics.

Economist Graphs and Equations

Readers of this blog should not expect to see many graphs or complex equations on this Amateur Economist website.  Should economic sleep-aid material be needed, there are links and articles for that on the side-bars.

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